GCMS Middle School

Good morning GCMS Middle School! Today is Thursday, January 5th.


Would you now please rise and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.           


Good luck to our Boys Basketball teams as they have games here tonight vs. Tri-Point.  Also, good luck to our wrestling team as they travel to Nash Middle School.  Wrestlers will be dismissed at 2:30 today.  The bus leaves at 2:40.   


Students, as we review our school-wide expectations, please keep in mind our expectation of Being Safe.  One aspect of being safe in the hallway is to follow our stairway directions.  The stairways are too narrow to have traffic going in both directions.  The middle stairwell should only be used to go up.  The stairways at each end of the building should only be used to go down.  I realize that at times it may be more convenient to you to take the closest stairwell but we have a responsibility to keep everyone safe and sometimes that means walking a bit further in order to use the proper stairwell.      


Just a reminder that tomorrow is a small group day.  You will meet with your small group during 5th or 6th period.   


We would like for all students to do their check-in during the 1st hour.  This helps make sure that Mrs. V and Mrs. J can get to anyone who wants a check-in throughout the day.  


Also students, please make sure that your cellphones are off and stored in your locker and please be sure to sign up for hot lunch.   


Students, please remember to follow our school-wide expectations of Be on Time, Be Prepared, Be Respectful, and Be Safe.    


Thank you and have a fantastic day Falcons!