5th Grade Top Typers

Mr. Benison's Computer Classes competed in a typing contest over the recent weeks. Congratulations to all of our top typers! Check out their scores below.

5th Grade

Class Winner- 5C White

Top Typers

  1. Levi Johnson 43.3 WPM AVG

  2. Jose Santos Castaneda 41.2 WPM AVG 

  3. Anthony Rebollo 38.2 WPM AVG

4th Grade

Class Winner- 4D Slagel

Top Typers

  1. Ben Roesch  43.5 WPM AVG

  2. Hunter Shingleton 31 WPM AVG

  3. Alexis Sibley 29.75 WPM AVG

3rd Grade

Class Winner- 3D Paris

Top Typers

  1. Cameron Borders 37 WPM AVG

  2. Jace Royal 27.5 WPM AVG

  3. Avery Bielfeldt 26 WPM AVG

2nd Grade

Class Winner- 2A Donovan 

Top Typers

  1. Nora Ehler 23.5 WPM AVG

  2. Carson Hall 16 WPM AVG

  3. Sawyer Donovan 13.75 WPM AVG