Public Health Guidance

GCMS Families,

On January 7th the CDC adjusted COVID protocols.  On January 11th IDPH issued their school based guidance which was adapted based on the CDC guidance.  Since that date the three school districts of Ford County in collaboration with the Ford County Public Health Department created an abbreviated document for the local management of these new guidance documents.  Please take some time to review the new FCPH School COVID Guidance Document. We will continue to follow the CDC, IDPH, and FCPH guidance as prescribed with the intention of keeping healthy kids in school and activities, and identifying those who are ill and responding accordingly. 

Please understand that we will at times have to make individual, classroom, team, school, or district based adjustments if the need arises.  Please continue to partner with us through the coming months to achieve our ultimate goal which is in person teaching and learning!

1-11-2022 IDPH Public Health Guidance for Schools

FCPH School COVID Update



Mr. Darnell