COVID Update

GCMS Families,

The management of COVID 19 as directed by the CDC, adopted by IDPH, and supported by ISBE is taking a major shift that will greatly help us in keeping kids in school.  We are attaching the notification from IDPH and the letter from ISBE for your review.  The full detailed IDPH response is not yet prepared, nor is the response for local health departments, or for GCMS.  That said, we will be working diligently to adjust to these new guidelines in an expedited fashion for all of those affected both currently and moving forward.  We currently have 13 staff members affected and 175 students out either with COVID related absence or ill and it will take our staff time to review and communicate each case given the unique circumstances and timelines of all involved.  Please allow us a couple of days to reach out to you in regards to if / when your students can return should they be affected by the rules changes.  This change is a step in the right direction to allow us to keep kids in school more regularly and return them more quickly once both infectious stage and illness has subsided according to the less restrictive regulations.  

I share the frustrations over this entire circumstance, but celebrate this move to more manageable timelines.  Full guidance and adjustments will be shared when available. 

IDPH Update for Schools

ISBE Letter to Illinois Schools


Mr. Darnell