BUG Winners

Every week we like to highlight students at GCMS Elementary who were caught Being Unbelievably Good.  We are proud to present our first BUG Winners for the 2021-2022 school year!

Front row-
1st= Sadie Provin, Jordyn Glascock, Ava Butler, Hannah Zook
K= Kamree Friday, Austin Wellman, Harrison DeYoung, Alex Mackinson

Middle row-
3rd= Brooklyn Johnson, Diego Pinedo Romero, Landon Donovan, Nora McCall
2nd= Emmett Smith, Carson Lange, Cooper Whitehouse, Xandria Moore

Back row-
5th- Eva Lowe, Amanda Hedding, Jude Brucker, Zoey Gilmore
4th= Alexis Farmer, Harper Elder, Hunter Shingleton