GCMS: Families,

I am sorry to inform you that GCMS will be moving our Middle School and High School to full remote learning starting Friday, January 15 through Friday, January 22 and returning to in person learning on Monday, January 25th. GCMS Elementary School will continue in person learning.

Students are being informed this afternoon in order to be prepared at home for remote instructional days on January 15, 19, 21, 22. You will receive reminders of the remote learning schedules from your child's respective schools.

These closures are happening due a combination of circumstance including shortages of staff and significant numbers of quarantined students. By closing these two buildings for this duration of time we are creating 10 days of separation while only losing 4 days of in person instruction for our oldest students, while still serving our youngest students in a safe manner.

It is imperative that students engage during their remote learning opportunities to ensure a continuation of learning. It is equally as imperative that we use this time to limit health risks so that we can return on January 25th.

We will continue to make decisions based on current circumstance and inform you as quickly as we can knowing that these decisions challenge everyone involved. Thank you for your continued patience and attention.


Jeremy Darnell