Falcons with Character

The students pictured are our monthly classroom representatives for our character education program.  This month, KINDNESS was highlighted and these students were chosen by their teachers as our Falcons with Character.

1st/K from left to right=
1st= Collin Pearson, Manuel Juan Andres, Austin Wellman, Grace Able
K= Nancy Domingo Andres, Leighton Mennenga, Mia Hornstein, Liam Price  

3rd/2nd from left to right =
3rd= Cati Domingo, Tanner Brucker, Austin Rotramel, Colby Defosset
2nd= Elaina Oleynichak, Colton Huber (not pictured)

5th/4th from left to right=
5th= Declan Pittman, Kinly Lehman, Hunter Shingleton
4th= Landon Donovan, Anthony Canizzo, Nora McCall, Karsyn Harden