November 10, 2020

GCMS Families,      

The purpose of this letter is to inform all GCMS families of the decision to NOT participate in winter sports competitions in compliance with the recommendations passed down by the Illinois Department of Public Health, Governor’s Office, and the Illinois State Board of Education.  

The decision was made based on both the system and individual legal liabilities as determined by the GCMS School District attorneys and insurance providers.  Recently both Governor Pritzker and Dr. Carmon Ayala (State Superintendent of Schools) have clearly stated that any district that directly defies the recommendations of IDPH, as it pertains to winter sports (basketball), would knowingly be putting their districts at risk both legally and financially.  GCMS School District, the GCMS Board of Education, superintendent, principal, athletic director, and coaches would all be held both personally, and professional, liable under the current circumstance.  

GCMS WILL continue to find ways to actively engage with all of our students in extra-curricular activities throughout the “winter season” to ensure opportunity, engagement, improvement, and physical and mental health.  We recognize the extreme importance that activities bring to schools, communities, and most importantly our young people.  

2020 has created obstacles and disappointments for us all.  The GCMS Board of Education, administration, faculty, and staff will continue to embrace our students’ needs and meet them where possible given these challenging days.  

Your attention, understanding, frustration, and supports are appreciated.  


Jeremy Darnell