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05-24-2019 BUG Winners

Every week the staff at GCMS Elementary catches students that are BUGs (Being Unbelievably Good), and at the end of the week BUG representatives from each grade level are chosen.

These are the final BUG Awards for the year.  Thanks for your support of the program throughout the year!!!

Front row:
1st= Brecken Hammitt, Ben Roesch, Declan Pittman
K= Adam Bartow, Cameron Borders, Avelynn Cornell

Middle row:
3rd= Kenleigh Friday, Bailey Bunting, Braylen Holladay, Emma Price (not pictured)
2nd= Lucy Willis, Makayla Aponte, Colton Hilligoss, Parker Joslin

Back row:
4th= Lane Elder, Jason Christensen, Ayden Jennings, Jordan Kaeding
5th= (all not pictured) Tysen Mauricio, Jack Willoby, Bailey Grider, Sarah Higgins