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Crossing Guard Change
GCMS Families, September 17, 2019

I wanted to take a moment to inform all GCMS students, families, and community members that we will be making a change in services at the corner of Sangamon Ave. and 15th street.  We will be moving from a human crossing guard available for 90 minutes per day to a human activated traffic caution light that is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week.  

Currently, and for many years, we have provided a crossing guard at this intersection.  We are in the process, in partnership with the Gibson City maintenance department, of installing pedestrian activated caution lights on all four corners of this intersection.  In addition, these lights will be programmed to be flashing during school arrival and dismissal times.  These lights will replace our human crossing guard after an overlap period where students and families who are directly affected can be educated on proper use and safety.  The system is similar in purpose and function to the system located on 19th St. for the Middle School.  

This intersection is routinely used for transition by high school physical education classes, and for after school activities for both students and fans.  We believe that this permanent solution will create a safer crossing for all involved.  

We ask that all are aware and communicate these changes to your students if they are impacted by this change.  We also ask that all drivers continue to drive with extreme caution around the school facilities.  

Any questions or concerns can be directed to me at or via phone at 217-784-8296.  


Jeremy Darnell