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9-27-2019 BUG Winners
9-27-2019 BUG Winners
Every week the staff at GCMS Elementary catches students that are BUGs (Being Unbelievabley Good), and at the end of the week BUG representatives from each grade level are chosen.  Hare are this week's winners!
Back Row-
5th: Jodi Bauer, Tristan Wooton, Tucker Mueller, Micheal Voelker
4th: Cameron Keading, Savannah Mills, Cheyenne Whelehon, Cam Brucker
Middle Row-
3rd: Sam Wachstetter, Erin McCall, Abbie Measaw, Lydia Rudin (not pictured)
2nd: Wyatt Wooton, Wesley Johnson, Erin Lynch, Rosanna Rudin (not pictured)
Front Row-
1st: Emmerson Walter, Carlos Morris, Curtis Christman, Angel Martinez
K: Duncan White,  Jensen Meiss, Luke Whitehouse, Emmylou Kraft