10/6/2015 Reading Incentive Update

Here are the latest updates from the awesome readers at GCMS Elementary! 2D had our BEST “read to self” times last week with all students on task! So proud!!!!! In 2A, Natalie, Lane, Caylynn, Aubrey, Daisy, Aiden, Hunter, and Dev have met their reading goal every week so far! 3A earned a Reading Marathon party […]

Reading Incentive Updates

The students of GCMS Elementary are continuing on their way to becoming outstanding readers.  Here are some of the latest highlights! K5 made it to 10 minutes for Read to Self last week. 2A has successfully built their stamina in all five of the Daily 5 areas! 2C has turned in all of their reading logs for 2 weeks in […]

9/8/2015 Reading Incentive Update

Our students continue to grow as readers, here are some highlights from this week! 4D has built up to 30 minutes of stamina in class and writing excellent responses to their books in their book notes. 2D had a GREAT finish to the week in “Read to Self” – we are up to 13 minutes […]

Reading Incentive Update!

This year we are calling our reading incentive program “The Falcon Reading Challenge”.  Each week we will share highlights from the young readers in our school.  Here are the highlights for September 1, 2015! Every student in Mrs. Frankie’s 4th grade class and in 3D turned in their reading logs on time!  Woo hoo! 1B […]